I am an Office Administrator and have worked at Robit since October 2014. My responsibilities include customer service, quotes and invoicing, among other things. I am currently doing my 3rd level Degree in Business Administration at Unisa and completing may Management Assistant Diploma.

My workday is very busy, but interesting at the same time, as I learn new things on a daily basis. The most interesting thing about my job is the many challenges I face every day at the office. Sometimes I have to drop everything and play the role of receptionist, welcoming visitors and offering them coffee or tea. The most challenging thing is when customers call and request a quote, but they’re not entirely sure about what they’re asking for. Then I’ll ask some questions regarding the product in question and try to find an answer. That is the most challenging thing for me, especially when the technical sales staff is not available and the customer needs information urgently. In my free time I read, sing and train myself as a motivational speaker.