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Horizontal system for down the hole hammer

The loads in Horizontal Drilling that the casing system must endure are severely higher than in typical vertical drilling. Robit® has developed a system which is capable of handling even the toughest conditions.
The Robit® HZ -system consists three parts; pilot bit, ring bit assembly with the ring bit and protective layer and impact shoe. The pilot bits hits directly the casing via the welded casing shoe. This causes that all the efforts of pulling the tube is diverted to the impact shoe and not on the ring. The ring bit is rotated with the pilot bit. This system leads to a longer life time of the ring bit, better penetration during drilling and increased reliability to finish the hole on time and according to plans.

Casing OD (mm)609,6
Casing OD (in.)24
Casing Max Wall (mm)16
Casing Max Wall (in.)0.630
Ring bit ID (mm)516
Ring bit ID (in.)20.315
Ring bit OD (mm)639
Ring bit OD (in.)25.157
Pilot bit OD (mm)570
Pilot bit OD (in.)22.441
Product number03-521-610-4359

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DTH-RoX HZ 609,6/16
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