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Single-use system for down the hole hammer

Sometimes overburden is thick and full of boulders. Robit® Single-Use Casing System for DTH Hammer enables easy, fast, and reliable drilling process in all conditions. Robit® Single-Use Casing Systems are available for all the common Down The Hole hammers and are designed for all the applications where the casing is left in the ground.

Casing OD (mm)219,1
Casing OD (in.)8 ⅝
Casing Max Wall (mm)6
Casing Max Wall (in.)0.236
Ring bit ID (mm)186
Ring bit ID (in.)7.323
Ring bit OD (mm)234
Ring bit OD (in.)9.213
Pilot bit OD (mm)205
Pilot bit OD (in.)8.071
Product number03-011-219-0103

Compatible products

DTH-RoX+ 219,1/6
Pilot, Down the Hole Hammer, Single-use