Product info

Prime system for down the hole hammer

Robit® Prime ring bit product family makes it possible to pile both welded and threaded casing tubes using the same ring bit. Pile walls can also be made using the XL2 ring bit. With the Drill Through (DT) model, drilling can be continued with just the pilot.

• Suitable for different wall thicknesses, easy to align and weld
• Available with Flow Control rinsing
• With the Drill Through pilot bit, rock sockets can be drilled in a single work phase

Casing OD (mm)1016,0
Casing OD (in.)40
Casing Max Wall (mm)23,0
Casing Max Wall (in.)0.906
Ring bit ID (mm)932,0
Ring bit ID (in.)36.693
Ring bit OD (mm)1062,0
Ring bit OD (in.)41.811
Pilot bit OD (mm)960,0
Pilot bit OD (in.)37.795

Compatible products

DTH Prime 1016-23
Pilot, Down the Hole Hammer