Robit focuses on consumables - ensuring you'll get just the right tools, knowledge and support for your operation.

Top hammer drilling

Efficient top hammer drilling is widely used in mining, construction and quarrying of rock material.

DTH drilling

Accurate DTH or down-the-hole drilling is used in construction, quarrying, thermal wells, oil and gas drilling etc.

Casing Systems

Borehole casing is widely used for several reasons in all major ground drilling applications.

Rotary drilling

Effective Rotary Drilling is widely used in construction, mining, oil industries as well as water and thermal wells

Reverse circulation

Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling is used to drill deeper and faster as well as to collect high quality samples.

Digital services

Our Digital Services offer new accuracy and possibilities for Top Hammer and DTH drilling.

Robit group news

Robit Rbit™ Button Bit Series for drifting and tunneling available

Summarizing all the essential drilling features, we are going deeper with more speed and force, driving the development of the drilling consumables industry. As an established global company, we continuously need to reinvent ourselves. Across the globe, our cases are...
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The new Robit Top Hammer Product Catalogue has been published

Explore the competitive full-set offering in top-quality consumables for Top Hammer applications like drifting & tunneling, long hole drilling, reaming and surface drilling: New Rbit™ button bit series Reaming equipment Shank adapters Drill rods Couplings Auxiliary tools We offer You:...
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At Robit, our focus is on the drilling – where the steel and the ground collide. That’s what we know best. Whatever your operation – forepoling, piling, tunnelling, anchoring or construction – Robit drilling consumables are designed to give more drilled meters for your money. Every time, day after day. Backed up by our global network, expert support and cutting-edge sensor technology, Robit is at the core of your drilling operation.

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