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Multi-use system for down the hole hammer

In some overburden drilling applications the casing has to be removed from the ground. This sets higher requirements on the durability of the equipment. Double groove design* in the casing shoe and the best materials available guarantee that Robit® Multi-Use system does not fail even in the most difficult conditions. Robit® Multi-Use system is available for all the common DTH hammers.

Casing OD (mm)508,0
Casing OD (in.)20
Casing Max Wall (mm)15,0
Casing Max Wall (in.)0.591
Ring bit ID (mm)414,0
Ring bit ID (in.)16.299
Ring bit OD (mm)526,0
Ring bit OD (in.)20.709
Pilot bit OD (mm)472,0
Pilot bit OD (in.)18.583

Compatible products

DTH-RoX MU 508.0-15
Ring, Down the Hole Hammer, Multi-use