Product info

Robit® Overburden Eccentric System

  • Designed to offer maximum reliability in overburden drilling conditions
  • Enables driving the casing in all downward vertical directions/formations
  • Helps avoid collapsing holes and lost equipment
  • A two-piece bit, consisting of a concentric pilot bit and a swing-out eccentric reamer
  • Enlarges the hole’s diameter driving the casing down into the hole
  • Reamer can be retractred by applying reverse rotation
  • Full system can be pulled out and used again
  • Ideal for water well and geothermal drilling, micropiling, as well as dam and port projects
Casing OD (mm)114,3
Casing OD (in.)4 ½
Casing Max Wall (mm)6,0
Casing Max Wall (in.)0.236
Casing ID (mm)102,3
Casing ID (in.)4.027
Pilot bit (mm)99,5
Pilot bit (in.)3.917
Reamed diam. (mm)125,0
Reamed diam. (in.)4.921
Drill pipes (mm)76
Drill pipes (in.)3