Product info

Steel Fist system for down the hole hammer

Robit® Steel Fist product family is designed for specific piling operations, sizes from 273 mm up to 1220 mm. New economic way for traditional piling work, but also capable for installing water-proof Pipe-Pile-Walls. No ring bit is needed when piling with DTH SF. Usage in homogenous soil conditions with small boulders. Robit® Steel Fist Casing Systems are available for all the common Down The Hole hammers and can be used for all applications where the casing is left in the ground.

Pipe OD (mm)1016,0
Pipe OD (in.)40
Pipe Max Wall (mm)16,0
Pipe Max Wall (in.)0.630
Pilot bit - Wings open (mm)1070,0
Pilot bit - Wings open (in.)42.126
Pilot bit - Wings closed (mm)973,0
Pilot bit - Wings closed (in.)38.307