New Robit horizontal drilling equipment proves its worth in Sweden



Robit, in collaboration with our retailer Swedish retailer GDS Sverige AB, put our new HZ product series to test under a motorway ramp near Landvetter airport.

Robit has been developing the new HZ series for horizontal drilling in Sweden since the early 2011. Now, the new system was put through its paces under a motorway ramp, where a 24-meter hole of size 406.4/12.7 was drilled. The land filling under the ramp consisted partially of very large boulders. Because of the boulders and directional requirements, the drilling was a challenging test to our new HZ series.

Despite the rough terrain, the results proved successful. No problems occurred, and the drilling went as

planned. What’s more, the test drilling results have enabled the company to further improve the functionality of the HZ product line.


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