Robit and Sotkamon Porakaivo anchored a paperi mill to the bedrock



A paper mill in Finland needed altogether 58 holes for foundation reinforcement with depth varying from 12 to 16 meters. The terrain over bedrock was difficult, but Robit Casing System handled it fine.

Sotkamon Porakaivo had a challenge with the job of casing drilling to the bedrock and then drilling one meter into the bedrock itself. The first six meters of the formation consisted of sand and gravel. Blocks of granite and grillage (wood, clay and gravel) had also to be dealt with.

Robit® Casing System was the preferred technology due to its ability to drill difficult formations. Casing tube of 139.7/5.6; L=3000 mm was used. A 90 mm diameter steel bar was inserted and grouted to each hole. The end result was that the drilling went smoothly despite the difficult drilling conditions.


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