30.9.2022 | Robit Rbit™ Button Bit Series for drifting and tunneling available

Summarizing all the essential drilling features, we are going deeper with more speed and force, driving the development of the drilling consumables industry. As an established global company, we continuously need to reinvent ourselves. Across the globe, our cases are more versatile, our knowledge base wider, our questions and tools for finding answers smarter. We fight hard every day to be the strongest and smartest when it comes to the space between drill and rock so that we deliver only the best to our valued customers. That is the true spirit of Robit® Rbit™.

At the beginning of last year Robit launched bigger diameters, over 60 mm sizes of Rbit series. Now we have the complete series with 32 mm (1¼”) up to 57 mm (2¼”), which full-fill the needs of drifting & tunneling.

With the Rbit, our commitment is to help our customers reduce the total drilling costs by achieving faster rate of penetration and the lowest cost-per-meter.

New features of Rbit  series (sizes 32 mm – 57 mm) are:

  • An optimized button layout configuration to ensure maximized rock contact and energy transmission.
  • Optimized placement of flushing holes allowing improved flushing and even improved rate of penetration (ROP).
  • Redesigned wider flushing grooves, that allow more space delivering a better flow for the cuttings.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation images show the efficient flushing properties of new Rbit series.

Robit® Rbit™ Series – New Innovations for Drifting & Tunneling Bits

1. Optimized button layout maximizing rock contact

  • Smart button configuration → Optimized rock breaking dynamics

2. Wider flushing grooves allowing better flow of cuttings

  • Improved flushing → Maximized flushing efficiency

3. Optimized placement of flushing holes allowing better flow of cuttings

  • Improved flushing → Maximized flushing efficiency

You can watch the video at our Youtube channel: Robit Rbit Series for Drifting and Tunneling

Please download the catalogue: Robit Top Hammer Product Catalogue 8-2022