The South Korean unit’s production employee of the year 2015, I am a materials engineer and work at Robit’s Donghae plant.

After graduating from university, I worked in electronics and construction, among other jobs. That helped me when applying for a job at Robit, as did my studies in materials engineering, which also involved learning about drill rigs.

I am a CNC operator and I have held a couple of different positions during my five years here. We are like one big family, which is really nice. If I have a problem, my colleagues are always willing to help me resolve it.

Regarding my responsibilities, as a CNC operator, I am focussed on developing my skills and constantly improving in my job. I have been learning particularly about CNC programming, and someday I will be a CNC master.

As for my spare time, my hobby is currently playing with my six-year-old. And if I can find the time, I would really like to play tennis, practice fencing and go fishing.