I am a CNC machinist at Bulroc Robit UK, Chesterfield. I have worked for Bulroc for some 30 years.

My day-to-day work mainly consists of programming and operating various CNC lathes. I specialise in manufacturing the larger hammer and one of our special orders. I enjoy working on new production projects and it gives me great satisfaction when the new product works correctly.

Bulroc was acquired by Robit about a year ago. Has that changed anything?

Since the takeover I have seen numerous changes in the form of new machinery and other investments, bringing us more up-to-date and in line with our competitors. Also, the health and safety implementation have made the workplace a safer place to be.

In my spare time I like to visit and keep in contact with my family who mainly live away. I have hobbies such as golf, keeping fit and walking my dog. I also enjoy having a good bottle of wine with friends.