The oldest still functioning lighthouse, Tower of Hercules, atop a hill by the ocean in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.



A Coruña is a city at Europe’s westernmost edge, in the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula in Galicia, Spain. It is home to Suministros Guillemet, a company specializing in drilling and earthmoving consumables for the Spanish market.

Founded in 1986, Guillemet’s mission is to offer the best quality to their customers in mining and public works. Guillemet’s owner Hector Blanco discusses their long-term relationship with Robit.

How long has Guillemet been representing Robit? How did it all start?
It all started with a dinner and a handshake about 20 years ago. We were three people at that dinner, and ever since then, we have been distributors of Robit all across Spain. Our cooperation continues to this day – as a strong marriage, I would say.

How is the “marriage” working after all these years?
Wonderfully. Robit’s steels and designs are top-notch. Robit is today the number one brand in drilling consumables. They are always bringing out new designs to the market that extend the product life. This saves the end customer a lot of costs in drilling, fuel, filters, and equipment maintenance in general.

What are some of the typical Robit tools used in the Spanish market? In what sectors?
We have clients in underground mining, open-pit mining, quarries, public works, and well drilling. We typically use R25 to RG60 (diameters 33—152 mm) Top Hammer tools in underground, open pit, and public works. And if we had to go up to planet Mars, that would be no problem either!

What kind of feedback are you receiving from clients regarding Robit’s tools?
Fabulous. In fact, at the last Metal Mining fair in Seville, all the people who came to our booth congratulated us on the quality of the bits and rods. I would say 99 % are happy with the Robit brand in Spain.

How is Guillemet positioned in the competition in Spain – what are your strongest assets as a company?
Our main asset is undoubtedly the Top Hammer, where we have a market share of 60–65 %. As for Down the Hole, we’re just starting and, as you know, all beginnings are slow but surely it will be a key asset for us in the near future too. To support this goal, we are hoping to see Robit extend their DTH stock in Europe.


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