Robit helps the 2014 olympic games happen in sochi



In the course of the years, Robit Rocktools Ltd has been involved in several Olympic Games building projects all around the world. The work will continue with the next Winter Olympics in Sochi, as the local contractors rely on Robit products for digging the tunnel network – a necessary part of the game venue infrastructure.

The 2014 Olympic Games will be organized in Sochi, the first Winter Olympics to be held in Russia. To ensure smooth transport between the various sites, a tunnel network with a total length of over 26 kilometers is being excavated in the area. One of the key factors behind Sochi’s selection as the Olympic City was the creation of a functional road and railway network, and Robit has its share in this.

Several contractors in Sochi are utilizing the Robit RoX+ 88.9/8 Top Hammer system in tunnel work. The system consists of a pilot bit automatically locking with a ring bit, which makes work considerably easier and faster. “Word about the excellence of our product quickly got around the Sochi sites, and a total of six contractors started using it”, says Oleg Ivanov, Regional Manager at Robit Rocktools Ltd.

“Our co-operation went smoothly. The contractors appreciated our proactive technical support and service. We were able to respond to their wishes comprehensively,” Ivanov continues. Work on the Sochi tunnel sites is getting near completion. “We will continue by delivering our HTG bits to the Olympic sites as needed.”


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