Lemminkäinen builds a new metro station with Robit



The so-called West Metro is a major expansion to current underground railway system in the Finnish metropolitan area, stretching it all the way to Espoo. Lemminkäinen is in charge of building the Koivusaari metro station, complete with a kilometer of tunnel. As usual, Robit delivers the goods.

The project, involving much earth-moving and digging, takes place in an urban, unforgiving environment. “The location is challenging, so it is essential that all components needed for the work have high quality and reliability”, says Annina Peisa, Construction Manager at Lemminkäinen. “Our suppliers have a substantial impact on the success of our projects”.

Lemminkäinen and Robit have been co-operating successfully for the past ten years, and this site is no exception. The installation and drilling tools required for making excavations and supporting the walls with RD piles this are supplied by Robit. Thanks to our dedicated, knowledgeable service, the construction is well on the way, and expected to be finished on time.

No wonder Peisa is pleased: “Robit is a very customer-oriented partner”, she says. “If we have any problems in our projects, Robit will provide us with quick and professional service. They will come and check the situation on site as needed.”

Customer description

Lemminkäinen is a construction group specializing in building construction, infrastructure construction and technical building services. Its main markets are Finland and the Baltic Sea region. The Group employs about 8,400 people, and its turnover in 2011 was approximately EUR 2.2 billion.


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