Minna Turpeinen

I joined Robit in 2005.

I started as a metal worker in 1994, making, for example, springs. Currently I spend a large part of my working day at Robit by the furnace, inserting buttons and carrying out the related measurements. During my time as shift supervisor, I make sure that the required products are made on time, and I am responsible for the work order. In addition, I am the industrial safety delegate for the employees. Shift supervisors are also responsible for receiving goods and for the work arrangements of their shifts. Their efforts have a considerable influence on our delivery reliability and on work efficiency.

The best thing about my job is definitely my nice and hard-working colleagues! I like being able to work independently. The changing workdays are also a big bonus. The most challenging aspect of my job is figuring out how to squeeze all the things I plan to get done into my 8-hour shift! (laughing). In spring and autumn I spend my free time berry- and mushroom-picking. Fishing is also fun, although nowadays I don’t have much time for it. I do handicrafts whenever I can find the time.