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Solitary ring system for down the hole hammer

DTH SR products are economical and cost-effective to use when the ground is homogenous with few small boulders. With the same pilot you can install piles and interlocked Pipe-Pile-Wall piles just by using ring bits with different outside diameters. Robit® Solitary Ring Casing Systems are available for all the common Down The Hole hammers and can be used for all applications where the casing is left in the ground.

Casing OD (mm)1320,0
Casing OD (in.)52
Casing Max Wall (mm)25,4
Casing Max Wall (in.)1.000
Ring bit ID (mm)1185,0
Ring bit ID (in.)46.654
Ring bit OD (mm)1339,0
Ring bit OD (in.)52.717
Pilot bit OD (mm)1256,0
Pilot bit OD (in.)49.449

Compatible products

DTH SR 1320-25.4
Pilot, Down the Hole Hammer, Solitary ring