2.5.2024 | Robit® H Series DTH Hammers

Robit has developed a completely new, modular H series hammer family for DTH drilling.

The H series hammer range currently consists of four different sizes: 4, 5, 6, and 8 inches. Thanks to its unique modular structure, with just a few part changes, customers can get 16 different variations to meet their specific needs. DHD versions are primarily intended for construction and well drilling, while QL versions are thicker in their outer casing, designed as Heavy Duty hammers suitable for quarrying and production use. In the models released now, the hammer uses drill bits with foot valves, and in the future, tubeless versions will be available, allowing the use of drill bits without foot valves in challenging drilling conditions.

H series benefits:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Maximized performance
  • Tailor-made for your needs
  • Flexibility for varying conditions

Released models – download the brochure:

The assemblies vary between High Power (HP) and Low Volume (LV), as well as Foot Valved (FV) and Tubeless (TL) versions of the same Heavy Duty (HD) or Slim Line (SL) hammer. The High Power assembly offers a high blow energy obtained by high air volume, resulting in a fast penetration rate, and is suitable for deep-hole drilling. The Low Volume assembly operates on a lower air volume, providing lower blow energy but a higher frequency, keeping the hammer energy efficient, and is ideal for softer or varying ground conditions.

Maintenance manual: Robit® H Series DTH Hammers Operation and Service Manual 5-2024

Video: Robit® H Series assembly video