Robit’s General Meeting has elected vuorineuvos (honorary title granted by the President of the Republic Finland) Lasse Aho as a new member of Robit board on 15 March 2023. He has 18 years of experience as a CEO of Olvi Plc, during which time Olvi Plc has grown strongly. Aho brings strong knowledge in managing growth company. In addition, he brings know-how of consumer business sales, marketing, and brand development to Robit, which operates in consumables sector and further strengthens its brand in the global market.

Robit board has elected Director Markku Teräsvasara as the new Chairman of the board. He has a long experience of Robit’s business area. He brings strong knowledge to defining the company’s long-term growth strategy and its implementation in the global market.

Harri Sjöholm, who has over 30 years of experience in the company, continues as a Vice Chairman of the Robit board.

With these decisions Robit ensures the company’s renewal and wants to utilize the opportunities of the global drilling consumables market even more productively.

In the picture from left: Lasse Aho, Markku Teräsvasara, Harri Sjöholm