30.11.2021 | Robit’s equipment for environmentally friendly energy from the ground

Today, the term energy well is used instead of the thermal well, as an energy well is increasingly used for both heating and cooling. Robit is strongly involved in developing increasingly better products for drilling energy and water wells. Each year, Robit’s products are used to drill more than 30,000 water and energy wells worldwide. Thus, the company is closely linked to the utilisation of emission-free green energy and sustainable development.

Robit’s product portfolio includes the necessary equipment for drilling from 4” diameter to 18” inch energy wells. Deeper energy well drilling has also begun worldwide for geothermal power plants. In Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland, for example, drilling has reached the depth of about 6.4 km. The temperature of water pumped from that depth is over 100 °C.

A modern efficient heat pump connected to an energy well can save over half the energy costs compared to, for example, oil and electricity. Compared to an oil boiler, for example, which must be replaced every 15 to 20 years, only moving parts must be replaced in the heat pump within the same period. The heat pump can simply be described as a device that utilises so-called free energy, which is present in ground and bedrock.

Warmly welcome to visit us at the biggest groundwater industry event – Groundwater Week in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, between 14th and 16th December 2021. You will find us at the booth #1027 on Wednesday and Thursday. Our team will introduce you the widest range of top quality well drilling tools.