Taking ground in the Brazilian quarry market


Concrete is the most versatile and most widely used material for construction. In a typical concrete mix, as much as 60% to 80% of it consists of aggregates. Aggregates for the construction industry are the most consumed mineral inputs in the world – including Brazil.

“In Brazil, extracting aggregates is a key activity in the mining sector. The recent economically lean years saw a reduction in production volume, but the economy is now recovering step by step. This applies to the aggregates market as well – and Robit found an important partner to help advance our growth strategy in the country”, says Alexei Albuquerque, Distributor Business Manager for Robit in Latin America.

Paraná Drill was founded in 2001 to serve the quarry market with equipment, parts and consumables. Based in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, the company covers the south states of Brazil.

“I’m always looking for quality products with a good reputation. Knowing that Robit was searching for a new distributor for this market, I approached them Taking ground in the Brazilian quarry market and introduced Paraná Drill and our operation in the segment”, says Fabiano Buffon, the President of Paraná Drill.

“We then organized a test in our quarry to learn how Robit’s tools would perform. I had a really good first impression of them and the results were positive, as we’d expected. We are happy with the performance of Robit’s tools and the support their team provides”. Today Paraná Drill is a recognized company in the quarry market, especially in southern Brazil. The market has great growth potential but also faces challenges.

“In addition to contending with our competitors, we need to deal with import duties, long-term customer financing and great variation in exchange rates. Having a partner with cost-effective high-quality products certainly helps”, Fabiano Buffon concludes.

Picture: Mikko Vuojolainen, VP, Robit Americas (left) and Fabiano Buffon, President, Paraná Drill


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