TEST REPORT – Altyntau Kokshetau quarry, Kazakhstan


Tested tools: Robit DTH hammer and bits
Test location: Altyntau Kokshetau quarry, Kazakhstan
Client’s challenge: Finding an alternative for their existing QL6 DTH hammer: problems with the upper adapter not solved by the manufacturer
Reported by: Andrey Dak, General Director, LLP Robit Kazakhstan


At the site, Robit Kazakhstan has tested two QL6 DTH hammers, with 171 mm Robit DTH bits. Representatives of Robit Kazakhstan and Robit Russia as well as competitors’ technical specialists were present at the test. Each of 3 drill rigs had drilling tools from different manufacturers.

As a result, Robit hammers demonstrated excellent results, whereas the tested drill bits did not show the best performance. Therefore, Kazzinc acquired a batch of Robit hammers.

Once in operation, quality issues with the acquired DTH hammers arose: the lifetime of some of the hammers was 30 % less than expected. Lifetime expectation is set by the quarry; we accepted the challenge.

We took a customer-oriented approach and invited a technical specialist from Australia to Altyntau Kokshetau. In addition, two upgraded hammers and redesigned 171 mm DTH bits were sent. Using all the test data, we strove to manufacture the best fit for the customer’s ground conditions. The changes mostly concerned the hammer’s cylinder, make-up assembly, the DTH bit’s check valve and buttons. A second test supervised by our local Robit expert was conducted.

Eventually, thanks to our group’s teamwork and our desire to provide the best service, the performance became excellent again – even exceeding the lifetime expected by the contract. The upgraded DTH bits also showed good results, reaching their expected lifetime. The deal was secured.

Kazzinc decided to continue using Robit drill consumables. Starting from the beginning of 2019, a new contract for a batch of DTH hammers and DTH bits was signed.


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