18.11.2021 | Visit us at Groundwater Week 2021

Navigate the future with us at the biggest groundwater industry event – Groundwater Week in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, between 14th and 16th December 2021. You will find us at the booth #1027 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Our team will introduce you the widest range of top quality well drilling tools: DTH hammers, pilot bits, ring bits (casing advanced and under reamer systems), DTH bits, rotary bits, drill pipes, shock absorbers, subs, check valves, hammer sleeves and accessories. See the new tubeless WH TL -hammer series for DTH drilling, which functions without the foot valve, often considered to be the most fragile part when drilling, thus eliminating the operational downtime needed to replace the valve. The hammer features improved strength and optimal performance, as well as adjustable airflow, to allow for increased efficiency. Please read more from Robit DTH WH TL Hammer Catalogue.

Robit products are specially designed to offer maximum reliability with cost-effective drilling in variable ground conditions.

Emission free sustainable green energy with Robit well drilling products!

Robit NGWA-team