Building Thailand’s Infrastructure


Power generation, irrigation, road construction, railroad tunnels – when it comes to building the backbone for Thailand’s economy, Right Tunnelling Ltd. is playing an active part in it.

Founded in 2000, the first project Right Tunnelling undertook was a tunnel excavation for the massive Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam construction in the province of Nakhon Nayok, initiated by His Majesty the King. Since the completion of the dam in 2005, the local communities have enjoyed a constant supply of water for irrigation, and damages caused by flooding have decreased. The dam itself has become a major tourist attraction, with fishing and other outdoor activities.

Since the beginning, Right Tunnelling earned a reputation as a reliable contractor for civil engineering projects and has grown into the leading tunnel contractor in Thailand, with operations also in the neighbouring Laos and Myanmar.

Similarly, Robit has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for Right Tunnelling, providing them with Robit rock tools such as drill bits, rods, couplings, and shanks, as well as BulrocRobit hammers.

– Our cooperation with Right Tunnelling has been really smooth for several years. We have frequently visited their jobsites in Thailand and Laos to gain insight about their challenging drilling conditions so we can design the optimal tools for them, says Antti Mäkinen, Sales Director, Southeast Asia.

The latest jobsites where Robit’s tools have been put to the test include a railway tunnel, commissioned by the State Railway of Thailand in the province of Saraburi, the Maetaeng-Maengad water tunnel near Chiang Mai, and a headrace tunnel for a diversion dam in a hydropower project in the Bolikhamxay province in Laos.


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