Drilling Anseong~Guri #7 Tunnel within ab. 24 Months


“Dajoo Industry” (called Dajoo) is suppling Robit Top Hammer drilling tools in highway tunnel called Anseong~Guri #7.

Currently, Anseong~Guri highway is one of the biggest SOC projects in South Korea. Anseong~Guri highway is part of the Pocheon~Sejong project, which connects administrative city, Sejong with capital city, Seoul and northern industrial city, Pocheon. #7 is a 2-way highway of 1.7 km. Client organization is EX (Korea Expressway Corporation) and constructor is Samwhan. Drilling period is approx. 24 months. Robit distributor Dajoo has wide experience in rock tools business. Dajoo supplies to around 70 sites, which contain tunneling, quarrying and surface drilling. Robit and Dajoo have been working together since 2015. Dajoo has constantly increased sales volume year by year. In 2020, Dajoo has become one of the main distributors in South Korea and will increase Robit share consistently. Rock condition is granite and medium hard rock. Drilling machine is Epiroc XE3C (COP1838). Dajoo expects the site to consume 1,200 pcs of 45 mm bits, and 150 sets of drill string.

Distributor: Dajoo Industry
Robit consumables: Button bit – HTG 34RR045 S2,Ball,
Rod – T38*RR34*5525 (HEX35), Shank – COP1838 C38*435,
Coupling – C38 SB