Espoo waters to be treated in a massive cave


Playing a round on Espoo Golf’s green fairways, you would never guess that right next to the golf course, under the Blominmäki rock, a massive excavation project is underway: the construction site of a new wastewater treatment plant. Once completed, the plant will process the wastewater of over 400,000 residents.

Espoo is building the new plant to prepare for an increase in its population. The plant will be equipped with the best modern technology which will improve treatment results. Energy efficiency is another design feature: the plant will produce more than half of the electricity it needs itself. It will also produce heat in excess of its needs.

The contract was awarded to Lemminkäinen Infra. Robit will supply all the drill bits and some of the drifter shaft adapters and rods to the construction site.

– Robit’s assets in the competitive bidding process were full service, delivery reliability and uncompromising quality, says Project Engineer Jarkko Meriläinen from Lemminkäinen.

During the first months of the project, Robit and Lemminkäinen worked on product development to find the most suitable drilling tools. Before long, their co-operation resulted in an optimal wear part maintenance cycle during excavation. Robit’s sharpening service ensures that operations can continue uninterrupted.

– It’s not about the unit price of a product, say, a drill bit, but about the life cycle cost. When co-operation with the drillers is smooth and maintenance flows like clockwork, considerable cost savings can be made, comments Robit Sales Manager responsible for the project.

A whopping 900,000 cubic metres of rock will be excavated at Blominmäki in total. The excavation work will be completed during 2017, followed by the actual construction work. The new plant will go on stream in 2020.


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