Lemminkäinen and robit provide underground parking for 900 cars



A world-class parking facility called Kivisydän (“Heart of Stone”) is currently being excavated by Finland’s leading underground construction company, Lemminkäinen Corporation at a depth of 30 meters beneath Oulu’s city center. One of the largest and most challenging of its kind in Finland, the project makes good use of Robit’s expertise.

Robit Rocktools Ltd and Lemminkäinen have worked in close co-operation for nearly a decade, mostly in ground drilling. Kivisydän is the companies’ tunnel excavation pilot project. “The project extends our good partnership to the area of tunnel construction. Robit is supplying us with the latest technology button bits needed to excavate the underground parking facility. They are also taking care of sharpening the bits,” says Pentti Nieminen, site manager from Lemminkäinen.

Construction and excavation in the downtown core sets special demands on the work and planning. “This is a challenging underground site” emphasizes Pentti Nieminen. “We need expert partners whose work we can trust explicitly. In demanding conditions, knowledgeable people and state-of-the-art equipment are crucial for success”.

Robit’s trump card is, in addition to high-quality products, the smooth integration of a bit-sharpening service with deliveries. “Thanks to the service, our cooperation partners don’t have to worry about servicing the bits. This allows them to focus completely on their core competence,” explains Timo Rajala, Robit’s Finnish Sales and Marketing Director.


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