NH21 Project is Running Smoothly with Robit’s Products


Robit is supplying forepoling systems and MIPL casings for tunnel roof supporting, and rock drilling consumables for face drilling to NHAI (NH21) project.

The 4 laning road of NH21 stretches from Pandoh Bypass to Takoli section in Himachal Pradesh. The project worth of ₹ 2600 crore will reduce time and traffic as well as streamline movement of vehicle from Delhi to Leh. The project started in March 2018. The tunnel network of 21-kilometres consists of 10 tunnels, out of which 5 tunnels totaling 15 km have been completed.

The project is being constructed by Afcons Infrastructure Limited. The geology consists mainly of Class D (more than 50%). Robit is supplying forepoling systems together with MIPL casings  of 76.1 mm for roof supporting. The Robit consumables have been found successful in making tunnels. The project is currently running smoothly and expected to be completed by next year.

Through its distributor MIPL, Robit has also tested rock drilling consumables, which have also proved to be successful by achieving more lifetime in terms of meterage compared to other brand products. Now most of the rock drilling consumables of this project are provided by Robit. Additionally, the economical products increase customer satisfaction.

Contractor: Afcons Infrastructure Limited