During January and February 2020, Robit conducted an end-user survey on various aspects of Robit drilling consumables and services. The survey was implemented over phone interviews including totally 93 interviews in Finland, Australia, Peru, South Africa and South Korea.

As the same survey was originally carried out in 2019, Robit received valuable information during this second round. – Our customers are happier than a year ago!

More and more customers would recommend Robit 

NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating has clearly improved and is now on a good level.

Results have improved clearly in Finland, South Korea and Australia. In South Africa and Peru NPS results are still on a good level. Especially, well drilling and quarrying customer satisfaction has improved.

CES (Customer Effort Score) rating has improved and it is on a very good level. It is easy to do business with Robit. 43 percent of the customers see that Robit serves currently better than 12 months ago. All Robit customers see now more improvements in service than a year ago.

Better product performance 

57 percent of the customers see that Robit products offer the best cost per meter on the market. Now there are more customers who see that Robit can offer value added services that drive down costs (78 percent). In Finland and Australia Robit product performance is now better than last year.

Improved support and reliability of supply 

What do our customers say about us:

  • Sales can be reached easily, and the equipment arrive in time.
  • Increased sales personnel have led to improved answers.
  • New organization structure with improved service – quick responses and good know-how.
  • Service and support, and especially management have improved a lot.
  • When placing an order, Robit staff responds immediately. Also, products performance has improved.
  • Robit’s ability of procurement has been improved.

End-user survey 2019 reveals the hard work and dedication of Robit Team Members. – Every Robit Team Member contributes to the success. Serving our customers and colleagues with speed and quality as well as driving positive change while respecting everyone are the key elements for the success. Robit Team is committed to work hard to constantly improve our customer service and experience.

“Further. Faster”.