Robit’s Successful Test Results in Vietnam


In June 2020, the distributor of Robit in Viet Nam – Dong Loi Equipment & Services Corporation organized a drilling test at Dak Mi 2 hydroelectric tunnel in Quang Nam Province.

Robit and other well-known brands from China and Japan were tested in this site. The test was conducted on a Sandvik DT821 drilling machine with both sides of drill hammer, left and right. The drilling parameters were identical for each brand. The test was conducted to determine the highest working life each tool could reach in the same testing conditions. The structure of tunnel is concrete on the hard rock formation. After a few days, the results of all brands were published. Robit Drifter Rod R32/T38, L=4.9 m completed the service life at 2,300 meters in the left and 3,200 meters in the right of drill hammer. With these results Robit reached from 500 meters to 700 meters better performance than rods by other well-known brands. The customer was very satisfied with the performance of Robit Drifter Rod. They appreciated its quality and will give the priority for using Robit Rod in the future.

Test Location: Dak Mi 2, Hydroelectric Tunnel, Quang Nam Province, Jun 2020
Test Objective: Measuring performance of Robit Drifter Rod R32/T38, L=4.9m vs. other well known drilling consumable brands.
Reported by: Pham Quoc Binh, Sale Manager at Dong Loi Corp.