TEST REPORT – Greenbushes, WA, Australia


Tested tools: Robit C51 bits, rods and shanks
Test location: Greenbushes, WA, Australia
Test date(s): Since May 2018
Client’s challenge: Top Hammer drill bit performance in the hard ground conditions of a lithium mine
Reported by: Mark Thwaits, Technical Sales Representative, Robit Australia


We began trialling at Greenbushes, the world’s largest lithium mine, in the spring of 2018. They are currently using our C51 Retrac bits monthly, principally the 115 mm Drop Centre Retrac (DSR) and Flat Face (FF).

Through frequent site visits we have developed a very positive relationship with our customer where information has become a two-way street. For example, it was our suggestion to try the DSR bit as a substitute to the FF, as we had seen it perform extremely well in similar conditions elsewhere.

We have secured their TH bit business off the strength of Robit’s bits. The life and performance of our bits has been praised by the client. They easily outlast the competition – and with the extremely hard and abrasive ground associated with lithium mines, the increased life of Robit bits has been greatly appreciated.

In today’s intensely competitive market, Australian drilling contractors have become far less inclined to sign contracts, preferring to give monthly business to the supplier who performs and provides value regularly.

Our top-performance bits have allowed us to continually do monthly business with the client, and we continue to trial new products in an effort to supply all their drill string needs, e.g. rods and shanks, at Greenbushes as well as other sites the client operates on.


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