Uptime – from necessity to opportunity


Uptime Earthmoving Solutions Inc. (Uptime) was established in 2016 by engineers and technical people of Delta Earthmoving, Inc. a leading contractor in the Philippines specializing in earthmoving, quarrying and mining.

Delta was executing nine quarrying contracts and one major open pit mining contract, extracting a combined 4.5 million metric tonnes of materials per month, each one requiring drilling operations. Mr. Geoffrey Omengan, Delta’s EVP for asset management then observed that in spite of the operations’ results showing the obvious cost efficiency of Robit products over other brands, the company continued to use an assortment of brands. With this observation, Mr. Omengan envisioned not only expanding the utilization of Robit products but also distributing the brand in the Philippines. Not only would sustainable drilling solutions be provided to Delta but business opportunities would also arise in distributing products which have shown a distinct advantage over other brands based on actual applications. Thus, Uptime
was created with Mr. Geoffrey Omengan at the helm.

On the other end, Binn Lim, Export Manager of Robit Korea, had been waiting for years for the opportunity to introduce the Robit brand to Delta. As fate would have it, Mr. Lim and Mr. Jimmy Omengan, a director of Delta, crossed paths during the Bauma Expo in Munich, Germany in 2016. The two did not waste time discussing the availability of Robit products in the Philippines, which quickly graduated into Uptime’s possible dealership and distribution of Robit products. This would pave the way for further discussions between the two parties and as the adage goes, “the rest is history”.

Less than a year from its establishment, Uptime has gained tremendous momentum in developing Robit as a major player in the Philippine market. The use of Robit products has expanded beyond Delta to other drilling contractors. Furthermore, Uptime was able to confidently conduct drill testings for several significant players in the Philippine mining industry. The results have been encouraging and Uptime foresees a significant growth in the market for Robit.

Picture: Rusialda (Uptime), Binn Lim (Robit Korea), Bryan Lumongtad (Uptime).


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