14.9.2021 | Robit Minexpo Team welcomes You to visit our booth at Minexpo, Las Vegas!

Robit Minexpo Team is pleased to invite you to visit our booth at the MINEXPO 2021. The event will take place during September 13-15, 2021 in Las Vegas, USA. You will find our team at the booth #25151-S.

Through our technologies and support, we are pleased to help the major mining and quarrying sector with all their drilling needs and offer the solutions to even the toughest projects. Come and meet our experts to hear more about the widest offering in top quality drilling consumables. Robit is representing among other things drilling novelties:

The Rbit button bit for Top Hammer features the fastest rate of penetration in any of our bits so far. It breaks the rock faster and with less effort, causing significant savings in fuel costs, and has the lowest cost per meter, which is still very helpful in bringing down the total costs.

The tubeless WH TL -hammer series for DTH drilling functions without the foot valve, which is often considered to be the most fragile part when drilling, thus eliminating the operational downtime needed to replace the valve. The hammer features improved strength and optimal performance, as well as adjustable airflow, to allow for increased efficiency.

Finally, Robit’s new Extreme Carbide, for applications in abrasive ground, is designed to resist wear, with a durable dual-property carbide layer on the outside. The Extreme grade #4 carbide stays sharp for longer, thus improving productivity by reducing the downtime caused by the regrind process. The carbide also has increased performance of over 50% bit life, providing increased benefits also for those preferring to drill till the destruction of the bit.

So, while durability is key for the lowest cost per meter, there are a lot of things to consider when aiming for the lowest total drilling cost. However, each of those things arrives with a whole host of new opportunities for savings.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!