Robit® Rbit™ AR Application

Please download Robit® Rbit™ AR Application for your smartphone to present new series for your customer. You can demonstrate new features without carrying bits in your pockets. Applications will be found with “Robit Rbit” title:

After installing the software in your smart phone you have two options to use it:

With Physical (needs marker print and real button bit) or Virtual mode.

Virtual mode:

Scan flat surface and point the grid to place virtual Rbits in to scanned surface.

On the top menu you can rotate Rbits and make flow of flushing and cuttings visible.

Link for robitgroup.com media bank to get the latest brocures, e.g. Robit® Rbit™ Series.

From the “Feature” menu you can visualize Rbits’ new innovations:

New transition face ensuring better energy transfer

  • Transition face with rounded edges enables better flushing design and optimized button layout
    ⇒ New functionality of the bit

Optimized button layout maximizing rock contact

  • Smart button configuration
    ⇒ Optimized rock breaking dynamics

Wider flushing grooves allowing better flow of cuttings

  • Improved flushing
    ⇒ Maximized flushing efficiency

Physical mode:

Place a specific marker image A (printed on the paper) on to a flat surface and place the physical Rbits on the marker B with help of virtual alignment bits. Use menu to hide the adjustment bits.



On the top menu you can make flow of flushing and cuttings visible.

For more information, please contact Mr. Jorge Leal, VP Top Hammer, firstname.lastname@robitgroup.com