15.6.2021 | The New Robit® Tubeless DTH WH TL Hammer series for demanding blast hole and energy well drilling soon available!

Short Overview

The new tubeless range of high-performance Down-the Hole hammers, designed to tackle applications where footvalve breakage can be a cause of downtime.  Particularly recommended in ground conditions with high volumes of water or in soft unconsolidated ground where typical footvalve failures occur. Preferred by drillers in both blast hole and well drilling applications.

Main Points

  • Tubeless hammer design eliminates the risk of operational downtime as no footvalve is required
  • Choke system to allow adjustment of airflow to suit compressor and improve flushing
  • Inner liner allows optimal air flow and provides improved performance when drilling in wet conditions
  • Piston designed for improved strength and optimal performance

For more information please contact Mr. Adam Baker, VP Down the Hole Products, firstname.lastname@robitgroup.com