28.6.2021 | Robit Extreme Carbide

Robit Extreme Carbide for Blast Hole and Well Drilling Applications

The new Dual Property Extreme Carbide has an outer carbide layer that is designed to resist wear, the inner core utilises Robit standard grade #1 carbide. Even when the outer layer has been worn away, the DTH bit performs in the same way expected from the Robit standard quality carbide. The carbide allows for extreme wear resistance but also has a core that is durable to resist fracturing.

The new Robit Extreme Carbide has an outer layer designed to stand wear and tear, along with a tough inner core that resists fracturing.

  • Robit Extreme grade #4 carbide specially formulated for highly abrasive ground conditions
  • Beneficial for Blast hole and well drilling applications
  • Increased performance of over 50% bit life*

*Customer trials in North America showed improvement of over 50% of the bit life when drilling in highly abrasive well drilling application

The Extreme grade #4 carbide stays sharper for longer, increasing productivity and reduces the number of regrind processes required which reduces the downtime for the driller. The new Robit Extreme carbide is developed to reduce the overall drilling CO2 impact and to improve sustainability of the Robit products.

When achieving total hole depth is the key requirement, the new extreme carbide can allow the DTH bit to perform without the need for regrinding or replacement making the new carbide more efficient, higher performing and reduces overall costs.

All Robit Extreme carbide #4 DTH bits will be made-to-order and not available as stocked items.
All stocked Robit DTH bits will contain the standard #1 carbide grade.

New DTH Drill Bit Description

Example: DTHBIT165QL60 FF H1

A descriotion table for DTH drill bits, complete with carbide profiles and grades.

Carbide Selection/Grade

Garbide selection table, based on type of ground application.

Shanks & Face Designs

* = Hemispherical Ballistic Carbides

Download brohures: Robit Extreme Carbide and Robit DTH Bits

For more information please contact Mr. Adam Baker, VP Down the Hole Products, firstname.lastname@robitgroup.com