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Management shareholdings

Robit Plc has defined the persons in management positions in the company under the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) N:o 596/​2014 to include the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and the members of the Management Team. Their shareholding in Robit Plc is updated quarterly and yearly on 31 December in the table below based on the transaction notifications of the managers.

NamePositionShares 31 Dec 2022Shares 31 Dec 2023
Lasse AhoMember of the Board026 065
Anne KoutonenMember of the Board11 00719 831
Mikko KuitunenMember of the Board17 86526 689
Harri SjöholmVice Chairman of the Board35 82844 652
Five Alliance Oy / Harri SjöholmHarri Sjöholm has decision-making power in Five Alliance Oy5 731 5675 731 567
Markku TeräsvasaraChairman of the Board4 78120 955
Eeva-Liisa VirkkunenMember of the Board9 78118 605
NamePositionShares 31 Dec 2022Shares 31 Dec 2023
Perttu AhoVP Down the Hole2 5003 750
Arto HalonenGroup CEO24 49338 317
Ville IljankoVP Distributor Sales 03 000
Jorge LealVP Top Hammer00
Ville PeltonenGroup CFO10 55018 925
Ville PohjaVP Geotechnical5 0007 500
Jaana RinneHR Director14 50019 500

In accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) N:o 596/​2014, Robit Plc also publishes all its managers’ transactions by a Stock Exchange Release.

Managers’ transactions