Last edited: 19.9.2022


Robit manages inside information and insiders in accordance with the requirements of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the Insider Guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, and Robit’s Insider Policy.

If Robit decides to delay the disclosure of inside information, it immediately establishes an insider list concerning the inside information. Every person, to whom inside information is disclosed, is entered into the company’s insider list promptly. The information in the insider list is not public.

Robit has identified such persons discharging managerial responsibilities of the company as defined in the EU Market Abuse Regulation to include the members of the company’s Board of Directors, the company’s CEO, and members of the company’s management team. Robit publishes the transaction notifications it receives pursuant to transaction notification obligation of managers and persons closely associated with them by way of a company release in accordance with the applicable regulation. The company releases can be accessed through this link.

Following MAR regulations, the insider register tool has not been updated since 2 July 2016.