Last edited: 19.3.2024


Robit is a global expert on high-quality consumables for mining and construction markets. We aim to become the world’s leading supplier of drilling consumables. This requires the following:

  1. Profitable growth. Our main goal is to reach  EUR 200 million in sales and a 10 percent market share.
  2. The best value to customers. Our products and services give the customers the best overall value in return on investments. Through our RobitSave site audit program, we also guarantee savings for new customers.
  3. The best bit in the industry. Our product offering consists of high-quality products only. R&D focuses on further strengthening our position as the leading drill bit producer. Drill bits are the common denominator for all our product and application segments.
  4. The best service level in the industry. We strive to build long-lasting customer relationships and serve our customers according to our values: Serve with speed, Drive change, and Respect everyone. This translates to flawless product availability and excellent service with a human touch.

There are four key pillars to achieve our vision:

  1. Accelerating growth through distributors. We accelerate growth and drive sales by working with our distributor partners, which are valuable members of the Robit community. In four key markets, we sell directly to customers. The direct sales markets set the pace for profitable growth.
  2. Expanding expertise in drilling consumables. Our people understand the business and the needs of our customers. We focus on excelling in this in the consumables business only. We  adjust our training to further increase the know-how of both our personnel and the wider Robit community.
  3. Focusing R&D on delivering the best bit. We continue to deliver innovations to the market and to execute the R&D roadmap to deliver the best drill bit in the industry.
  4. Fit for Service. Supply chain management is the key to success. Through strategic initiatives, we focus on building excellence in this area and delivering on the promise of the best service level. Fit for Service also means having choices, for example a core range in stock and a supporting range available as make-to-order.

Our strategy is to be your partner for a more sustainable tomorrow. The sectors we work in are key facilitators of a greener tomorrow. New energy sources need metals. Geothermal heat is a sustainable source of energy. Many infrastructure investments go to transport or urban projects that lower environmental impact. Our key contributions are reducing CO2 emissions in our value chain, building sustainable partnerships, ensuring a healthy and happy workplace, and increasing efficiency throughout the product life cycle.