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Corporate Governance Statement

Robit Plc is a public Finnish limited liability company. The shares of the company are traded on the official list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

In its decision-making and corporate governance, the company complies with the Companies Act, Articles of Association of the Company, rules set forth in the Helsinki Stock Exchange, securities markets legislation, as well as other applicable regulations. Since listing of the shares on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Robit has been applying with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, entered into force on 1 January 2016 and published by the Finnish Securities Market Association, which is applied to companies listed on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

The parent company of the group is Robit Plc. The domicile of the company is Lempäälä, Finland. The parent company is the owner of the Robit group of companies. The Company has the following subsidiaries: Robit Finland Ltd, Finland (ownership 100 %); Robit Korea Ltd (previously YP Robit Ltd), South Korea (ownership 100 %); Robit Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, Australia (ownership 100 %); Drilling Tools Australia Pty Ltd, Australia (group ownerships 100 %); Bulroc (UK) Ltd, UK (ownership 100 %); Robit Rocktools Sweden Ab, Sweden (ownership 100 %); Robit OOO, Russia (ownership 100 %); Robit Inc., USA (ownership 100 %); Robit Africa Holdings (Pty) Ltd, South Africa (ownership 100 %) and its subsidiary Robit SA (Pty) Ltd (ownership 70 %); Robit S.A.C., Peru (parent direct ownership 99 % and group ownership 100 %); Robit Plc–BFC, UAE (ownership 100 %); TOO Robit Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan (ownership 100 %); Robit USA LLC, USA (ownership 100 %); and Halco Brighouse Ltd, UK (ownership 51 %). The Company has also sales offices in Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Namibia and China.

Robit Rocktools Sweden Ab and Robit Africa Holding (Pty) Ltd are dormant.

The company’s governance is organized through the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. Further, the company has a Global Management Team led by the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Robit has a Shareholders’ Nomination Board, a Remuneration Committee, Working Committee and an Audit Committee.

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