Last edited: 2.3.2022


Robit Plc’s Remuneration Report 2021

Robit Plc adheres to the Securities Market Association’s Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. The code is available on the Association’s website at This Remuneration Report has been prepared in accordance with the recommendation of the Corporate Governance Code with effect from 1 January 2020.

Basis of the Remuneration

The objective of Robit’s remuneration policy is, that it should be consistent, result-oriented and
rewarding. The consistency and competitiveness of remuneration is ensured by systematic internal
and external comparisons, which also takes into account the local market conditions. Robit’s
remuneration model aims to ensure that the fixed part of the salary is set individually and is actively
monitored. The objective of the active remuneration model is to ensure that the company is an
attractive employer for both current and new key personnel. Clear performance indicators and
emphasizing results ensure that rewarding is justified, result-oriented and motivating. Defining the
targets for the variable part of the remuneration they should be supporting the implementation of
Robit’s strategy and achieving its financial goals. The adoption of long and short-term performance
incentives is intended to reward good performance and to promote the company’s financial success
and the favourable development of its shareholder value.

Robit Plc – Remuneration Report 2021