Last edited: 27.4.2023

Transactions of Managers


An issuer’s managers and persons closely associated with them are obliged to notify the issuer and the FIN-FSA of their transactions relating to said issuer’s shares, debt instruments, derivatives or other financial instruments (Market Abuse Regulation, MAR, Article 19).

The notifications shall be made promptly and no later than three (3) business days after the date of the transaction.

The obligation to notify transactions applies to all transactions after a total amount of EUR 5,000 has been reached within a calendar year. Calculate the threshold by adding without netting all transactions referred to in Article 19(1) of MAR conducted within a calendar year.

Notification of transactions to FIN-FSA:

Transactions will be notified to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) via electronic services:

General and service-specific instructions for using electronic services can be found here.

Information needed on the notification:

Robit Plc’s LEI code743700NRL9EH2FLPH480
Trading code of Robit Plc’s sharesROBIT
ISIN code of Robit Plc’s sharesFI4000150016
Notification referenceGenerated automatically (no need to fill in)

Notification of transactions to the issuer:

Save the notification filled in the FIN-FSA electronic services as a PDF file and send the PDF file attached to an e-mail to Please add your phone number to the e-mail in case Robit Plc has questions about the notification.

After receiving the notification Robit Plc will issue a stock exchange release on the transaction without undue delay. Robit Plc intends to publish all transactions notified, unless specifically requested not do so for transactions below EUR 5,000.

In case of any problems, please contact or +358 45 202 0252.

The published notifications of transactions by managers and their closely associated persons can be read at release archive. More information on the regulation concerning the notifications of senior management and their closely associated persons’ transactions is available at FIN-FSA website.