Last edited: 5.3.2021

CEO and Management Team

The company’s CEO is in charge of the Group’s business operations and corporate governance in line with the law, Robit Corporation’s Articles of Association as well as instructions and regulations issued by the Board. Detailed terms of employment of the CEO are specified in a separate contract, which has been approved by the Board. Tommi Lehtonen act as Robit’s  CEO as of 29 April, 2019.  The CEO is assisted by the Management Team.

The Management Team handles the main issues that concern managing the company, such as issues related to strategy, budget, interim reports and acquisitions, and prepares investments for approval by the Board of Directors. The Management Team meets, as a rule, once a month and at other times, when necessary.

NameYear of BirthStatus
Tommi Lehtonen1970CEO
Arto Halonen1981CFO
Jaana Rinne1962Head of HR

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO since 29th of April 2019. Before his current position, he worked for Robit as EVP since 18th January 2018 and as a VP Down-the-Hole since 21st of March 2017. He has made a long career by acting in several business and sales management positions in Metso both in Finland and abroad among others in USA and France. Mr. Lehtonen holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering. 

Arto Halonen has worked for Robit as a CFO since 7th of May 2020. Before his current position, he worked for Robit as a COO since 31st March 2020. Halonen joined Robit from Metso where he has worked in various management positions, previously as Vice President, Crushers, Aggregates Equipment Business Area. Halonen holds a Master Degree in Economics and Master of Science degree in Engineering. 

Jaana Rinne has acted as a Head of HR since 29th of September 2017. Mrs. Rinne has over 20 years’ experience of several HR management positions in Konecranes corporation, and in Pöyry corporation as an SVP, HR. She has a comprehensive competence in developing global organisations’ HR strategies, processes and capacity. Mrs. Rinne holds a Master Degree in Economics.