Robit Plc's Annual Report 2018 has been published

The Annual Report contains the Board of Directors’ review, the Financial Statements. and Auditor's Report. Corporate Governance Statement and Remuneration Statement of 2018 have been published separately and the statements can be found on the Financial information and Corporate governance section on the investor pages.

Annual Report 2018 - E-publication Financial Statements 2018 - Press conference presentation Register to AGM Notice to AGM
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Robit as an investment

Robit is a global growth company that sells and manufactures drilling consumables to global customers and partners for
applications in the mining, construction, tunnelling and well drilling industries. The company’s business is divided into two
Business Units: Top Hammer and Down the Hole supported by Digital Services. The company has 15 sales and service offices
globally as well as an active sales network in 115 countries. Robit’s manufacturing units are located in Finland, South Korea,
Australia, the UK and North America. Robit Plc’s shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki Oy.


Top Hammer Business
Top Hammer business comprises rock drilling consumables and digital products and services.
Top Hammer drills are primarily used in mining, construction and quarrying of rock material.

Down the Hole Business
Down the Hole business comprises DTH consumables to ground drilling. The DTH drilling method is primarily utilized in surface and underground blasting, ground drilling, piling and well drilling. It is also used in surface and underground mining for production drilling.